The Himalayas

The Himalayas (or land of snow) in Asia is the highest mountain range in the world !. it is 2,400km long and 200 km wide.
It crosses Northeastern Pakistan, Northern India , southern china (Tibet),Nepal and Bhutan.

Ten of the world`s 14 highest mountains including mount Everest ,are part of the Himalayas & are all over 8,000 meters high.
Extreme weather conditions, high altitudes & rocky ground make life very difficult for people who live in the Himalayas .
These people use simple & oxen to grow just enough food to live.
Many animals and plants cannot survive there.

Some, however have adapted to the harsh environment .
Among them are the mountain goat, with its thick warm coat and strong hooves, the red panda,the snow leopard and the yak.
Like other mountain areas, the Himalayas attract many tourists.
In 1964 only 20 hikers visited Kathmandu , the capital of Nepal.

In 2000 there were 27,000 this tourism provides income for locals,
But it also causes many problems as tourists destroy mountain paths and leave tons of rubbish behind